Our Story

Welcome to Small But Chic website, the place where you can find babies and kids’ clothes that start with LOVE and CARE.


Hi! My name is Tha, a mother of two boys and a wife of a very loving husband, Bam. 

It all started from the moment I learned that I would become a mother. To me, that moment felt like a big bang which started the universe, everything happened so fast and all at once - so many questions popped into my head, and I needed answers right away.  Finally I found a way to calm myself down, all I had to do was to tell myself “I have to be well-prepared, there is nothing to be afraid of.” I gathered every information I could find about becoming a mother and I had to prepare my body and mind to be a good place for my baby. I enjoyed preparing everything for my baby, especially baby clothes. Luckily, Bam and I work in garment business for many years, so we had the opportunities to choose many different styles of clothes for our baby. However, we found that something was still missing. We finally realized it was LOVE and CARE that we were looking for - we would like our baby’s clothes to fill with love and care, the clothes which will give him warmth and protection and fill our hearts, as parents, with joy. 


With that in mind, I started to design my own baby clothes, I put my LOVE and CARE in every process from start to finish. I might not sew the clothes by myself (believe me, I tried!) but I never let go of any small details - the style, the fabric and the cutting are very important. In the areas that l am lack of knowledge, I slowly learned them from my team - with their 30 years of experiences in garment business, we can achieve what we are looking for. 


Seeing kids wearing clothes which made out of love, had filled my heart with joy, and I would like to share this feeling with every parent. From a small dream of making clothes for my own baby, little by little, Small But Chic has become Small But Chic today. 


Let us do what we specialize in, and you can fill their hearts with love by giving your kids a big hug when they are wearing Small But Chic.